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NehruplaceITHub provides an ideal platform for advertisers to target the IT community. Nehru Place computer market by now has acquired the status of being the largest IT market in Asia with over 700  computer dealers . Computer  dealers virtually from all over India come to Nehru place to make their IT purchases. being a unique and rare combination of   both B2B and B2C along with  the combination of clicks and bricks gives immense opportunities for the advertisers to promote their  products and services and benefit from our Rich and Exclusive user base.

It is one portal where you can target along with Nehru place computer dealers other Trade members of IT industry throughout India on one hand and on the other IT users like large and small organizations, MNC’s, Government and Institutional Buyers and Home users. The portal is aimed at both Present and Potential IT Users.



Key Points for Advertising on NPITHUB
  • First and only E-Commerce Platform for Asia’s Biggest IT Bazaar.
  • A focused target audience with best of India’s Dealers and Reseller community being its members.
  • Being very strong on content and updated information the portal is bound to be visited by trade members and users of IT products alike and thus provides excellent targets for advertisement. The portal benefits not only present IT users but also potential IT users.
  • Provides you with the only entry point to be among the Intranet community of Nehru place computer dealers, which governs the pulse of the industry, both in terms of demand and supply.
  • Not just banner ads but also varied strategic locations for your advertisements to be viewed.
  • Provides an excellent platform for launching new products and creating awareness about existing products.
  • Provides you with an excellent market for coming out with special offers/flash offers/special schemes to a focused audience.
  • Provides extensive Brand Building opportunities to companies.
  • Hyperlink from NehruplaceITHub will direct additional traffic to your virtual shop/company website.
  • Highly cost effective medium to advertise you company’s products and services as compared to traditional media.
  • Serious Business portal with no frills.
For Advertising, Marketing and Member Ship Enquiries :-
Please Contact :- Mr. Mithilesh
Softalk Lakhotia Infocom Limited
New Delhi - 110019.
Phone Nos. +91-11-41638627-8, 08285385802, 08285385803
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